Osmonds Alpaca & Llama Colostrum

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Osmonds Alpaca & Llama Colostrum

A premium colostrum supplement containing essential nutrients for optimum health and vitality in the newborn alpaca or llama. Contains Pure Dried Colostrum, Dextrose, vitamins and balanced levels of fats and proteins alongside a bio-probiotic for enhancing early digestive functions. Also contains Nucleotides "the building blocks of life" to provide even more protection for the youngster.

To help boost Colostrum quality simply mix with clean warm (38°C) water in the quantities shown below, shake well and feed, preferably within 5 hours of birth.

It is recommended that 60g be fed as soon as possible after birth - this can be fed in 6 x 10g feeds. 60g bottle - fill bottle to the shoulder. The bottle takes a screw-on Pritchard Teat. 10g single feed - mix with 125ml water and feed using a Feeding Bottle with Pritchard Teat.


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