Alpaca & Llama Cria Coat - Waterproof and Padded

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Alpaca & Llama Cria Coat - Waterproof and Padded

Waterproof, padded and windproof, this coat will help your alpaca or llama cria through cold nights and bad weather.

Made in high-tech padded breathable fabric that is soft and dry on the inside yet highly water and cold resistant. Velcro fastenings across the chest and under the belly make the coat easy to put on and it stays on even the most energetic youngster.

Available in Navy, Dark Green or Maroon. Sizes 14" (35cm), 16" (40cm) and 18"(45cm).

Standard newborn size is 16".

To choose the right size measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

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