Alpaca Identification Collar - Pack of 6 different colours - Cria Size

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Alpaca ID Collar - Pack of 6 different colours - Cria Size

A pack of 6 Alpaca Identification collars in different colours - Cria Size. Ideal for helping to identify similar looking alpacas in the field. The colours are the same as the Adult size collars so Mums and their Cria can be easily matched together.

The collars are manufactured in smart 19mm web and have 100mm (4") Velcro style fastening which stays on reliably but will break free safely if the alpaca becomes entagled in a fence or hedge. 

The Cria size collar measures 430mm x 19mm and is adjustable to fit neck size from 330mm - 380mm to allow for neck size and growth of fleece.

Colours: Red, Blue, Burgundy, Jade, Purple, Sky Blue. 

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