Premier Colostrum Paste - 50g for alpaca, sheep, goat, pig

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Premier Colostrum Paste - 50g

Premier Colostrum Paste 50g - Easy to administer. A complimentary feeding stuff for all new born animals. A handy way of supplying colostrum to new born animals, especially those that are struggling to feed in the first few hours of life. Supplied in a dial-up dosage syringe for oral administration.

Composition: Bovine Colostrum, Yeast Components, Fructoligosaccharides.

Additives, Vitamins: 3a700, Vitamin E 20000mg, 2a Vitamin B12 750mg.

Trace Elements: 3b801 Selenium as Sodium Selenite 9mg.

Directions for use: Feed 10g per animal per day. In weak and ill thrifty animal feed 15-20g per day.


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