Yoghurt Culture - Freeze Dried Sachet

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Yoghurt Culture - Freeze Dried Sachet

This freeze-dried starter culture is of excellent and consistent quality and with care should provide delicious yogurt time after time. It is not a monoculture, but a carefully balanced blend of lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which has been developed to ensure optimum results. The starter culture is used to make a yoghurt start solution, which can be refrigerated and then used 2-3 tablespoons at a time to make batches of yoghurt.

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    Posted by jimrwilco@gmail.com on 21st Sep 2018

    I have used this product several times now and I'm very pleased with the results. Nice and thick yogurt. J.R.

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    Great culture

    Posted by Shoshi on 29th Aug 2018

    I decided recently to go for an heirloom culture rather than using supermarket yoghurt as a starter, and I am thrilled with the result. Great consistency and flavour. I hope it lives a nice long time!

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    Homestead yoghurt culture

    Posted by Marie Clague on 11th Aug 2018

    This product is consistently good. I originally bought it from Amazon and when it became unavailable I tried an alternative culture which was not as successful so was pleased to discover that I could buy it directl from you.

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