Verm-X Herbal Liquid for Horses & Ponies 250ml

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Verm-X Herbal Liquid for Horses & Ponies
A 100% natural, palatable and easy to use formulation that controls intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system. It creates an environment in the gut and digestive system which can attack and expel challenges in this area.  Whereas chemical products generally work on whatever challenges are present at the time of feeding, the environment is designed to stay active throughout the year, so that as long as fed as instructed, it is able to stop anything from settling and doing its damage, keeping your horse healthy and you happy! The herbs used in the formulation have blood cleansing and gut maintenance properties. Ideal for horses and ponies sensitive to pharmaceutical chemicals and can be used solely all year round. With no known resistances, at last a convenient, natural and palatable way to ensure intestinal wellbeing for your horse. No syringes are used. 250ml
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