Burgon & Ball Foot Shear Farmer Pack - Serrated

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Burgon & Ball Foot Shear Farmer Pack - Serrated

Everyday and heavy duty foot care essentials set. Contains Professional Foot Shears (serrated blades) and  Supersharp Foot Shears (plain blades). A substantial saving on purchasing the two items individually.

Professional Foot Shears: Independent laboratory tests have proven that the Burgon & Ball Professional Serrated Footrot Shear gives up to 60% more cutting power than other footrot shears. The unique blade serration pattern gives unrivalled bite, anchoring the shear firmly while the cutting blade slices cleanly and precisely through the toughest of hooves. High carbon Sheffield Steel blades for ultimate edge retention with precision ground edges for supreme sharpness. Aluminium alloy handles give robust performance & are lightweight for comfort. Replaceable blades.

Supersharp Foot Shears: Invaluable compact foot shears that have been highly acclaimed by farmers and shepherds during field tests. The high-carbon steel blades are heat treated to cut hard hooves cleanly. Easy action, single handed locking device. Coated blades minimise rust. Convenient wrist loop. Handy size and lightweight for daily carrying.

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