Premier Alpaca Mineral Supplement 25kg sack (new larger size)

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Premier Camelid Mineral Supplement 25kg sack

This is an in-feed mineral supplement formulated for all Camelids not receiving additional mineral supplementation in their feed. Apple flavoured. Ideal for use alongside forage, home mix ration or unmineralised protein feeds and grass/alfalfa nuts. Only to be included in feeds, do not use free access. Feed at the rate of 10gms / head / day for adult alpacas or llamas, 5gms / head / day for youngsters and adolescents. Mix or sprinkle the required rate to provide the recommended daily allowance. Accuracy is essential in home mixing. Do not feed to sheep or horses. Contains: Phosphorus 6.0%, Selenium 50 mg/kg, Sodium 10.0%, Iron 3,000 mg/kg, Magnesium 2.5%, Vitamin A 300,000 iu/kg, Manganese (total) 1,500 mg/kg, Vitamin D3 150,000 iu/kg, Copper Sulpate 1,000 mg/kg, Vitamin E 6,750 mg/kg, Copper Carbonate 250 mg/kg, Vitamin B 121,200 mcg/kg, Copper (total) 1,250 mg/kg, Vitamin H Biotin 20 mg/kg, Zinc Oxide 11,000 mg/kg, Vitamin B1 Thiamine 500 mg/kg, Zinc MAAC 1,000 mg/kg, Vitamin B6 Pyrodoxine 130 mg/kg, Zinc (total) 12,000 mg/kg, Vitamin K Menadione 100 mg/kg, Cobalt 25 mg/kg, Pantothenic Acid 250 mg/kg.

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