Oster Horse Care Grooming Set

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Oster Horse Care Grooming Set

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The Oster Horse Care Grooming Set contains 7 beautifully designed and manufactured tools for the ultimate in horse and pony grooming.

The set contains:

Coarse curry comb - The Oster coarse curry comb has a rubberised grip which provides better control. The coarse fingers massage the coat and loosen dirt for overall cleaning.

Stiff grooming brush - The Oster Stiff Grooming brush has densely packed coarse bristles to remove dirt with less effort.

Soft finishing brush - The Oster Soft Bristled/Finishing Brush has soft densely packed natural bristles which produce a beautiful sheen

Mane and tail brush -The control touch of the Oster Mane and Tail Brush reduces hand fatigue whilst the design enables multi-directional brushing.

Easier brushing that results in fewer tangles.

Mane and tail comb - The Oster mane and tail comb enables easier combing and produces fewer tangles. It is gentle on the hair and comes in a convenient pocket size.

Hoof pick - The Oster Hoof Pick is made in durable stainless steel with a great grip. Resists bending and rust.

Bag - The stylish Oster Grooming Bag includes sections to hold bottles of water, fly spray or anything you like.


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