Osmonds Seaweed Supplement 1kg

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Osmonds Seaweed Supplement 1kg

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Osmonds Seaweed is a high quality Seaweed from the North Atlantic. Dust free and totally natural, Osmonds Seaweed is highly palatable and provides a natural source of Vitamins, Minerals & Micro-Nutrients.


Horses: At work and in training - 100-120g; Maintenance - 60-70g

Stallions at stud: 120-150g

Youngstock: Maintenance - 0.05% of bodyweight

Ponies: Two thirds the recommended rate for horses.

Dairy Cows: Average Yielders - 100g; High Yielders - 100-120g; Calving/Bulling - 100-120g

Calves: 70g

Beef Cattle: Maintenance; Calving/Bulling - 100-120g

Sheep: Tups/Rams - 100-120g; Ewes - 60-70g

Goats: Maintenance - 35g; Milking - 60-70g

Alpacas & Llamas: Youngstock - 25g; Adults - 50-100g

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