Osmonds Pre Tupping and Pre & Post Lambing Drench 1l

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Osmonds Pre Tupping and Pre & Post Lambing Drench 1l

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A highly concentrated Vitamin, Trace Element and Chelated Mineral Supplement for sheep and goats. Specifically formulated to help improve condition prior to tupping, thus increasing fertilisation and ovulation rate, and helping to produce healthy, well developed offspring by ensuring vitamins and minerals are available at the correct levels. Formulated on an emulsified base, providing a fast and efficient route for administration and absorption, providing good palatability and easy acceptance. Includes higher levels of nutrients than similar products. Drenching every 4-6 weeks pre-tupping may help to maintain the wellbeing of ewes, lambs and tups, thus ensuring optimum performance. Formulated to help tighten the lambing period.  


Sheep 15 - 25ml depending on size 
Tups 20 - 30ml depending on size 
Lambs (by bodyweight) 
8 - 14kg 5ml 
15 - 24kg 10ml 
25kg + 20ml 
Drench lambs every 6 weeks 

PRE-TUPPING EWES - Drench 7-10 days before putting Tup in 
TUPS - Drench every 7 days during the season 
PRE & POST LAMBING EWES - Drench 4-6 weeks before lambing and after lambing

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