Osmonds Codlivit Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

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Osmonds Codlivit Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Osmonds Codlivit is a superior quality oil based vitamin, mineral and trace element feed supplement contains Vetoxan®, Nutrimin® and Biotin.

Osmonds Codlivit contains a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help maintain and promote health and vitality, with 11% oil to for healthy coat and skin.

Also contains Biotin and Zinc for healthy hair, feet, hooves and horn, alongside Vitamin E, Selenium and Manganese to help maintain fertility and healthy muscle development and growth.


Daily Feeding Instructions Horses & Ponies 20g - 40g Mares & Stallions 40g - 60g Foals & Young Horses 10g - 20g Cattle 50g Calves 25g Goats 10g - 20g Dogs 5g - 20g Alpaca young stock 10g Alpaca adults 20g

Analysis: Oil 11% Vitamin K 69mg/kg Protein 7.9% Niacin 4mg/kg Fibre 4% Pantothenate Acid 686mg/kg Calcium 9.9% Biotin 0.07mg/kg Phosphorus 5% Cobalt 0.27mg/kg Magnesium 0.13% Iodine 395mg/kg Sodium 4% Iron 1,142mg/kg Nutrimin® 3% Manganese 5,530mg/kg Vitamin A 343,000iu/kg Selenium 13mg/kg Vitamin D3 68,600iu/kg Zinc 5,235 mg/kg Vitamin E 857 iu/kg Ash 48% Vitamin B1 686mg/kg Copper 1,200mg/kg Vitamin B2 343mg/kg Folacin 0.01mg/kg Vitamin B12 3mg/kg Sulphur 0.6%.

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