Nettex Lamb Milk Feeding Bucket

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Nettex Lamb Milk Feeding Bucket 6 teats
Nettex Lamb Milk Feeding Bucket 4 or 6 Teat - Feeder Bucket slots over hurdle
With its dual-sided square shape, the Nettex Large Lamb Feeder Bucket is designed to maximise the efficiency of the space you have available and comes with either four or six teats, making it an ideal feeding choice no matter how many or few lambs your ewes are expecting.

Capable of holding up to 12 litres, the Nettex lamb feeder bucket is designed to sit on a pen hurdle and comes complete with lamb feeding teats and valves.

Features: Square shape
12 litre volume
Choice of 4 or 6 teats
 Bucket Includes teats & valves
Made from easy-to-clean plastic
Easily positioned on pen hurdles
Colour: Black
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