Mini Microchip ISO Standard - for small animal and fish identification - Pack of 10 (£5.00 each inc. VAT)

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Mini Microchip - Pack of 10

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The Trovan mini microchip is one of the smallest, yet one of the most reliable chips on the market. 88mm long compared to the standard 12mm it is compliant to ISO 11784/11785 requirements. The needle has a thin wall and a large double bevel that means minimal discomfort on implantation. Chips come packed in sterilised needles that lock onto applicators. All our microchipping equipment is fully guaranteed. Also see our pistol-grip implant gun, which is robust, reliable and easy to use. THESE MICROCHIPS ARE IDEAL FOR SMALL ANIMALS AND FISH AND ARE ALSO SUITABLE FOR ALPACAS, LLAMAS AND OTHER LIVESTOCK (ACCEPTED BY THE BAS AND OTHER ANIMAL REGISTRIES).  THEY ARE ALSO INCREASINGLY USED FOR TRACKING VALUABLE N0N-ANIMAL OBJECTS SUCH AS ANTIQUES, EQUIPMENT AND RIDING SADDLES. Pack of 10.

Please note that they do not come with Petlog registration documentation and are therefore not suitable for cats or dogs which can only be microchipped by registered implanters using microchips that are accompanied by registration (Petlog) documents.

All of our microchips are fully compliant with ISO FDX-B and well suited to the Pet Travel Scheme, Trovan microchips are used in pets, wildlife and zoo animals across the world. World-wide protected patents ensure their unique design incorporating fewer connection points than any other microchips. Fully automated German manufacturing ensures each microchip is held to the highest standards.

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